Deal Website ‘Crazeal’ Now Revamped As Groupon


Groupon, one of the most popular deal websites across the globe has finally rebranded Crazeal as The online portal features daily deals on several categories including food, beverage, travel, beauty and much more. It started with Chicago and now it has its deals in 48 countries.

Groupon started in India with, an online portal based in South India and was later on renamed as Crazeal (Crazy+Deal). For some legal issues Groupon could not retain its name in the Indian market but now it has won the right and changed the website to ‘’. Groupon has been given the title of fastest growing online shopping portal and it majorly deals in lifestyle and beauty products.

While talking about the website, Ankur Warikoo, CEO, Groupon India, said, “There is no change in the strategy; we will stick to do what we do. There is a huge room in the Indian online market to grow as the internet penetration is just 7 per cent as of now.”

When asked about the deals and discounts for the tier 2 and tier 3 cities, he said, “We do not provide any local deals in small cities as we are not physically present there but we do offer travel deals and products deals in these cities.”

Warikoo believes that the biggest differentiator for Groupon would be its global presence while other deal websites are limited to the country. Groupon India is happy in its own space and as of now it is not looking out to venture into other segments.

The e-commerce website is focusing on the marketing and plans to follow the 360 degree strategy. It is already done with three TV commercials, which will hot the channels from next week onwards. Warikoo said that Groupon will make its presence felt via print, radio and of course digital media.

Here is a small interaction with Ankur, Warikoo, CEO, Groupon

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