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Female Fat Loss Offer Of All Time + $79 Bonus Free

“My husband is the envy of his friends for essentially getting a “new” wife in mid-life!”

female fat loss
Roberta Saum, Gold Run, California

Vital Stats: Age 52, weight lost 60 lbs., inches lost: 8″ on waist, 10″ on hips.

I was so frustrated with not getting the body I wanted.

It wasn’t until I found Venus Factor that I finally reshaped my body. I wasn’t very skeptical, which probably helped me to get started with the workouts, but there wasn’t really anything to worry about anyway. I just did three months as a test drive and the results blew me away, I completely changed my body and my whole life.

After doing the Venus program I realized that before I was doing almost everything wrong and way too complicated.

I’m 50 and I’m in the leanness and best shape of my life. I’ so happy, I have never been happier.


“I lost all my post pregnancy weight which was amazing. I can’t say enough about the community and the women in it.  I have never been part of an online community like this one-it is truly special.”

Shannon C. North Carolina

Vital Stats: Age 37, weight lost 60 lbs., inches lost: 12″ on waist, 8″ on hips.

After seeing the results of the first Venus Transformation contest I bought the Venus workouts. I did the phase 1 workout from week 17 to early in my third trimester when I switched to shorter workouts. I became active on the community, where there were a few other pregnant Venuses and plenty of mothers of small kids! I felt the Venus perspective (both community and workouts) was so well targeted to me, and I loved the podcasts for delving into the psychology of weight loss, the simplicity and the success of contest winners.






“The Venus Factor program ensures you have all the tools you need to reach the best shape you have ever been in.”

Jannette Joly, Laval, Quebec

Vital Stats: Age 54, weight lost 60 lbs., inches lost: 11″ on waist, 10″ on hips.

I am so grateful to John who is an amazing guy by the way, he’s the type of trainer that a trainer like me looks up to. It’s important to understand that a complete program like this one is very hard to find and making things easier to do is essential for success when you’re too busy with your own life, let professionals like John, Brad and his team (yes their team because they are also FANTASTIC responding practically within the hour for any inquiries) ENSURE you have ALL the tools you need to reach the BEST SHAPE you have ever been in your entire life and your only responsibility is commit to JUST DO IT no excuses, not with a program like Venus Factor that works no questions asked as long as you do it.

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